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Flowable Composite - 4 x 2gr Syringes - LIGHT CURE - 20 Pre-Bent Tips

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Product Description

Flowable Composite. 4 Syringes Kit 

Our highly polishable flowable composite is a 67% filled, aesthetic composite used for all types of cavity preparations.

The composite has a nominal particle size of 0.7 micron

Ideal choice for anterior and posterior applications as well as use as a pit and fissure sealant.

also ideal for reparing small defects and filling in cervical gaps caused by toothbrush erosion and recording gums.

Also used to eliminate undercuts prior to taking impressions for composite inlays and to line cavities and fill in difficult access areas prior to placing condensable composites.

Easy to polish to high luster. Has high compressive strength as well as low shrinkage and resist wear and staining.

Radiopaque for easy identification in radiographs.

Benefits of our Flowable Composite:

• Micro-Hybrid formula provides strenght and optimum polishability.

• Fast, deep light activation in only 30 second for lighter shades & 40 seconds for the darker ones.

• Radiopacity.

• Releases Fluoride.

• Low shrinkage.

• High compressive strenght of 290 MPa.

• Excellent aesthetics and Vita Shades compatibility.

The low viscosity of flowable composites can be obtained either by decreasing the percentage of fillers or modifying the resin monomers.

Today, a wide range of flowable composites with different percentages of fillers (50% to 70% by weight) are available, and can be classified in low, medium or high viscosity.

Their lower filler loading results in greater polymerization shrinkage and lower mechanical properties compared to other hybrid composites. Because of their low modulus of elasticity they can be suggested for class V restorations, to absorb the stress concentrated on the cervical region.

4-2 Gm Syringe Refill with tips

All shades available. Choose upon ordering